AB 39 (Warrant Streamlining): Streamlined the search warrant process thereby enhancing government efficiency and improving public safety.
Status: Signed by the Governor, Chapter 193, Statutes of 2015.

AB 636 (Protecting Student Victims of Sexual Assault): Protected victims of sexual assault on college campuses by requiring that alleged perpetuator information only be given to law enforcement if it is deemed necessary for the safety of other students.
Status: Signed by the Governor, Chapter 697, Statutes of 2015.

AB 721 (Financial Literacy for College Students): Required institutions of higher learning to post information about debt incurred as a result of college attendance on their websites, and increase the information provided to students about federal monies available to finance their college education.
Status: Signed by the Governor, Chapter 632, Statutes of 2015.

AB 1690 (Part Time Faculty Employment Stability): Recognizes the importance of part time faculty at California Community Colleges by improving workplace stability.
Status: Moving through legislative process

AB 1721 (Cal Grant Expansion): Increases the accessibility and number of Competitive Cal Grant awards, as well as the number of awards for Community College students.
Status: Moving through legislative process

AB 2069 (Part-Time Faculty Office Hour Reporting): Increases student success by requiring that Community College districts report part-time faculty office hours.
Status: Moving through legislative process

AB 2259 (Continuing Dropout Recovery Programs): Extends the end date for alternative accountability system dropout recovery high schools, two of which are in Riverside County.
Status: Moving through legislative process

AB 2581 (Help for Former Corinthian College Students): Ensures students harmed by the Corinthian College Inc. closures have access to educational and financial relief.
Status: Held in Senate

AB 2791 (Disabled Students Programs and Services): Provides students in a college Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) access to necessary services and care.
Status: Moving through legislative process