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2022 - 2023 Legislation

AB 1 - Collective bargaining: Legislature.  Assembly - Public Employment and Retirement

  • This bill allows non-supervisorial legislative staff join a union and collectively bargain for wages and benefits.

AB 245 - High school athletics: California High School Coaching Education and Training Program.  Assembly - Arts, Entertainment, Sports, and Tourism

AB 709 - Transcripts: criminal proceedings: exculpatory evidence.

  • This bill allows for a narrow exception when a prosecutor receives Brady information in an unofficial transcript.

AB 929 - Alcoholic beverage licenses: off-sale privileges: airports.

  • This bill will allow open container alcohol consumption outside of the concession area.

AB 937 - Dependency: family reunification services.

  • This bill will allow for family reunification services to be extended if reasonable services were not provided to the person looking to reunify with a child.

AB 974 - Incarcerated persons: certified record of live birth.

  • Allowing incarcerated people to utilize the free birth certificate waiver program while incarcerated.

AB 1006 - Aging and Disability Resource Connection program.

  • This bill would create a statewide database for consumers to have access to providers when needing a respite provider.

AB 1028 - Reporting of crimes: mandated reporters.

  • This bill would remove the practice of health practitioners being mandated reporters and stop them from being required to report cases to law enforcement.

AB 1083 - Labor Code.

AB 1112 - Foster youth.

  • This bill would ensure foster youth have access to pregnant stipends regardless of their placement status.

AB 1134 - Family reunification services.

  • This bill would amend the statute to state that the court shall not provide reunification services to a parent or guardian who has been convicted of a violent felony if the victim was a child whom the parent was responsible for.

AB 1151- Community colleges: use of property for athletic activities: insurance.

  • This bill is a technical revision to update Education code that defines the cost for rental agreements for outside entities to be "fair, regional market rental value".

AB 1177- Parole: hearing records.

  • This bill would prohibit CDCR from destroying taped parole hearings and make it available to the public.

AB 1222 - Rental passenger vehicles.

  • This bill will make it illegal to advertise a rate that does not include all the charges to receive that rate.

AB 1276 - Emergency response services: "911" call and dispatch data.

  • This bill would authorize 911 data to be collected so we can better understand what calls are coming, who is dispatched, and what the outcomes are.

AB 1310 - Sentencing: recall and resentencing.

  • This bill allows incarcerated individuals with gun enhancements to file a petition to remove / reduce their enhancement.

AB 1388 - Housing.

AB 1418 - Tenancy: local regulations: contact with law enforcement or criminal convictions.

AB 1523 - Youth offender parole hearings.

  • This bill updates California's youth offender parole requirements to grant people with indeterminate life sentences the opportunity for parole during their 15th year of incarceration for offenses they committed as young adults.

AB 1547 - Childhood sexual assault: statute of limitations.

  • This bill would focus on extending the statute of limitations on child sexual assault for survivors and victims of the probation camps and DJJ for an additional year.

AB 1628 - Microfiber filtration.

  • This bill will mandate by 2029 that all new washing machines will have a microfiber filter.

AB 1677 - Public employment: salary classification.

AB 1705 - Solid waste facilities: health protection zones.

  • This bill will prohibit an engineered municipal solid waste conversion (EMSW) or transformation facility from establishing or expanding within a health protection zone.