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Assemblymember Medina and Assemblymember McCarty standing with a group of people all wearing masks and holding up signs that read Cal Grant Reform

California’s primary student financial aid program, Cal Grant, was designed six decades ago and no longer meets the needs of the state’s struggling college students. For example, the current Cal Grant program does not consider the full-cost of attendance, including housing, basic needs, and transportation, and excludes adult learners with artificial barriers such as GPA. In 2020, 7 of 10 students lost some or all of their income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 and the ensuing recession have only heightened financial pressures being experienced by students while also highlighting the need for longer-term structural reform of state financial aid.

To ensure Californians have access to debt free college, comprehensive reform is needed. The new Cal Grant Equity Framework in AB 1746 will better support students as California recovers from COVID-19; the program will thus be built on targeted investments and reflect the needs of today’s student population.

By reforming our Cal Grant system now, California will support its diverse students with the opportunity to pursue higher education.

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  • @CAGovernor has announced a 70% college degree attainment goal for California adults by 2030. The #CalGrantEquityFramework will provide a workable financial aid formula that meets student needs and supports them through graduation.
  • California has an unparalleled opportunity to increase affordability and close attainment gaps by simplifying the Cal Grant system. #FixFinancialAid
  • The #CalGrantEquityFramework will provide a workable, equitable financial aid formula that meets the needs of students of color and lower-income students. #FixFinancialAid

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