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Support Assembly Bill 890, which would close a loophole that allows projects to bypass any environmental review. Projects are important to create jobs and strengthen our economy, but these should never come at the cost of a community’s health.


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For this bill to help communities, we need to hear from people who live in them. Please sign the support letter below and help us show how AB 890 will help protect healthy communities. 


Letter of Support for AB 890Assembly Bill 890

Dear Assemblymember Medina,

I am writing in strong support of AB 890 (Medina), which closes a loophole in election law that allows developers to get projects approved without publicly disclosing or mitigating any environmental impacts of their projects. One example is a proposed warehouse project in Moreno Valley that will add 14,000 truck trips a day. Riverside County struggles with poor air quality, and projects that bypass environmental review burden our communities even more.

California’s environmental laws require projects to publicly disclose their impacts and provide ways to address them. This keeps the public aware of changes to conditions around them and ensures that polluters, not taxpayers, pay for their pollution. These vital protections have made California a better and healthier place for everyone.

A recent court decision held that the loophole to bypass environmental protections is technically legal, but could be addressed by the Legislature.  Unless this loophole is closed, projects can continue to pollute our communities without residents even being aware of it.

AB 890 will still allow for ballot proposals, but prevent the use of the petition process to avoid environmental review.  This bill will protect the public and stop projects from further polluting our communities. For these reasons, I am in strong support of AB 890.  

Thank you,