Medina Messenger - Fall 2021

I hope you had a great fall with your friends and family.

To say the past two years have been challenging  would be an understatement. This fall, I am glad to see a successful reopening of our local businesses, public spaces, and schools over the past year. Moreover, I am proud to see a reinvestment of state funds in our district, enabling us to build back better. I also congratulate students, teachers, and administrators on a a safe return to school this fall.

I am actively working to ensure that California minimizes the damage of this pandemic and makes decisions with a focus on equity and strengthening our communities, especially within the Inland Empire. I will continue to fight for our region as we combat the pandemic.

Included in this newsletter are legislative and budget updates, highlights from session, and upcoming events in our district. It is a privilege to be your representative for the 61st district.

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As always, if you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office. It is a privilege to be your representative for the 61st Assembly District.