Juneteenth 2020: In This Land of the Free, How Free Are We? - Black Voice News by Stephanie Williams

Friday, June 19, 2020

California Assemblyman Jose Medina (D-Riverside), spoke about the importance of Juneteenth in the nation’s history. “As a teacher, and as an ethnic studies teacher, this also gives me an opportunity to say what is needed in the curriculum,” he began.

 “It is something that I and many in Sacramento have been fighting for, and that is to make the curriculum more reflective of the students. By that I’m saying, so much is omitted [from school curriculum]. Perhaps,” he added, “even the history of Juneteenth is omitted in the history that is taught in our high schools.”

Medina further highlighted how bills like the one by Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and head of the California Legislative Black Caucus, AB 1460, which mandates ethnic studies in the Cal State University System as a graduation requirement,” he shared continuing, “and, my own bill, AB 331, which mandates the teaching of ethnic studies as a high school graduation requirement, I think makes it  clear about the importance of that kind of legislation and that kind of curriculum in the schools.”

Regarding the Trump rally planned for Juneteenth weekend, Medina was just as unequivocal in his assessment. “I think it is just another example of his complete lack of understanding as demonstrated by his walk from the White House to the Church [of the Presidents] and the use of the military [on June 2, 2020].”

Adding, “In planning it on that day, coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma the site of the burning of the city in the early 1900’s, is just another demonstration of his whole lack of understanding of this country.”

This weekend, as the nation commemorates Juneteenth and the president holds his MAGA rally, the world will be watching.