Higher Education Bills Signed into Law

Monday, October 12, 2015

SACRAMENTO - Two of Assemblymember Jose Medina's (D-Riverside) bills relating to higher education, AB 636 and AB 721, were signed into law by the Governor.

"As Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, I know the importance of college affordability and safety," said Medina. "We must ensure students are provided with safe learning environments. In addition, students need transparency in higher education costs in order to make informed financial decisions for college."

AB 636 allows higher education institutions to report the name of an alleged assailant involved in a campus crime, to local law enforcement.

AB 721 requires schools to report on graduate student debt, student lending options, and helps students avoid unnecessary private loans. The goal is to increase student knowledge regarding higher education costs.

Assemblymember Medina proudly represents California's 61st Assembly District, which consists of Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Perris.

Website of Assemblymember Jose Medina : http://asmdc.org/medina