Medina-Mendoza Bills for Part-Time Faculty Signed by Governor

Friday, September 30, 2016

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) and Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia) announced that their legislative package of AB 1690 and SB 1379, focused on part-time faculty at California Community Colleges, was signed by the Governor.  

Part-time faculty throughout the state are plagued by inconsistent employment practices across community college districts and an inability to negotiate fair reemployment rights. Together, AB 1690 and SB 1379 provide landmark provisions to improve workplace stability for part-time faculty at California Community Colleges. Under the new law, representatives for both faculty and the community college district must discuss and set standards for employment practices for that particular district, thus providing much-needed employment stability for faculty while allowing districts the flexibility to accommodate local needs.

"I am pleased with the Governor’s decision to sign these two important pieces of legislation,” said Assemblymember Medina, Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee. “There are over two million students in California Community Colleges, and part-time faculty play a critical role in their success.  By improving employment practices for part-time faculty, this legislation will benefit both these dedicated educators and their students.”

“These important bills will provide similar rights and protections to part-time faculty that are afforded to full-time faculty at California’s Community Colleges. The forty thousand part-time faculty who work hard every day to educate the state’s 2.1 million community college students, deserve no less,” said Senator Tony Mendoza, Chair of the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee and author of SB 1379.

The legislative package of AB 1690 and SB 1379 will take effect as of July 2017.

Assemblymember Medina proudly represents California’s 61st Assembly District, which consists of Riverside, Moreno Valley, and Perris.

Senator Mendoza proudly represents California’s 32nd Senate District, which encompasses portions of Los Angeles and Orange Counties,

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