Assemblymember Medina Recognizes Daughter of Holocaust Survivors from Assembly District 61

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO— Today in honor of the Holocaust Day of Remembrance, Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) recognized Yolanda R.S. Granaada of AD 61 on the Assembly Floor.

Yolanda is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, Rita and Bernard Granaada, who were both from the Netherlands and met shortly after the war. Rita was a nurse at a Jewish mental hospital and narrowly escaped detainment at Auschwitz. She spent the rest of the war in hiding, keeping a diary of her experiences. Bernard was a member of the Dutch Army and joined the Dutch Underground shortly after the war started. He forged identity papers which enabled him to travel throughout Western Europe undetected in order to locate the best route to smuggle Jews out of Holland. By the war's end, Yolanda’s father had saved 59 Jewish citizens.

Yolanda came to the United States with her parents and brother, Raymond, in 1959. They initially settled in Northern California, and eventually moved to Riverside. Yolanda is very proud of her history as the daughter of survivors. Her parents’ experiences taught her to respect all of humankind and help those in need. As survivors are becoming fewer as the years pass by, she hopes that she will be able to continue to share her parents’ stories to young people and spread the message of tolerance and love for all people.

“Over 70 years have passed since the Holocaust occurred. The horrific acts of cruelty that transpired during World War II murdered millions of Jews, as well as millions of others due to the Nazis’ attempt at cultural, social, and political annihilation. It is critical that we continue to dedicate space to remembering the Holocaust and teaching future generations about its atrocities,” said Assemblymember Jose Medina. “Learning about the sins of the past helps ensure that they are not repeated. Survivor descendants, like Yolanda, play a crucial role in sharing this important history and serve as a reminder of hope.”



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