Medina Legislation Successfully Moves Through the Capitol

For immediate release:

The following bills moved from the Assembly to the Senate:

  • AB 331 requires ethnic studies be a graduation requirement in all high schools. Studies show that GPAs go up and truancy goes down when ethnic studies courses are taught. AB 331 would ensure that high school curriculum reflects the diverse population of California.
  • AB 1314 revamps and reforms California’s financial aid system to remove access barriers. California’s current financial aid system is outdated and overly complex, with too many barriers to access. State aid does not adequately serve today’s college students and does not reflect the high cost-of-living in California.  AB 1314 make much needed comprehensive reforms to the Cal Grant program to make our system more equitable and ensure more Californians have access to an affordable degree.
  • AB 428 requires, over the course of five years, special education funding rates be equalized to the 95th percentile the year after the Local Control Funding Formula is fully funded, creates a funding mechanism for state support of special education preschool, establishes a high-cost service allowance to provide supplemental funding on the basis of the number of students with severe disabilities, and changes the calculation of the declining enrollment.


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