Assemblymember Medina Statement on AB 331 and Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

For immediate release:

RIVERSIDE, CA— Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) released the following statement on the status of the draft Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum and AB 331, which would make Ethnic Studies a graduation requirement.

“I have decided to make AB 331 a two-year bill. I strongly believe in the tenets of Ethnic Studies and continue to assert that it is time for California to make the subject a requirement for all students. The curriculum development and feedback process has shown how much consensus there is in support of Ethnic Studies. It is not a question of whether the subject itself is necessary but rather, how do we ensure the curriculum is comprehensive, rigorous, and inclusive enough. This underscores the importance of taking the time necessary to ensure we get the curriculum right. For these reasons, I plan to make AB 331 a two-year bill and, in the meantime, work closely with the California Department of Education and the Instructional Quality Commission to develop a curriculum that reflects California’s standards and values.”


AB 331 was introduced in the first year of a two-year legislative session. Making AB 331 a “two-year” bill means that Assemblymember Medina will continue to advocate for this bill over the course of the next year.



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