Assemblymember Medina Supports UC President Napolitano’s Recommendation to Suspend SAT/ACT as Admissions Requirement Until 2024

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

SACRAMENTO –Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside) released the following statement expressing support of University of California President Janet Napolitano’s proposal that would make the SAT and ACT optional for the first two years and eliminate the test for years three and four.

“I am heartened that the UC is taking steps to address the future of assessment and admissions. The pandemic has only increased the disparities experienced by underrepresented students in our education systems, and admissions tests during this time of crisis will only exacerbate these existing inequities.

“I support the elimination of the use of SAT and ACT as requirements for admissions, but also continue to believe in the use of assessments for admissions. However, the test needs to be meaningful and actually serve as a strong indicator of college readiness and academic success.

“I will be monitoring this issue closely in the months and years ahead. I look forward to working with the UC and President Napolitano to ensure that admissions practices are fair and equitable.”


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