Assemblymember Medina introduces legislation to honor victims of COVID-19 and help the families of health frontline healthcare workers.

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Today, Assemblymember Jose Medina (D–Riverside) announced two measures that seek recognition and retribution of COVID-19 victims and survivors.

ACR 30 recognizes the first Monday of March as COVID-19 Memorial Day. With this resolution, California joins cities and legislatures across the country who are taking action this March 1st as part of a coordinated call for an annual COVID-19 Memorial Day in remembrance of those we’ve lost and will lose as a result of this preventable disaster.

AB 1113 would waive tuition fees for surviving children and spouses of deceased licensed physicians, and nurses whose deaths were caused by COVID-19.

“As we reach one year since COVID-19 was first declared a global pandemic, we have also surpassed the grim benchmark of half a million people lost this terrible virus,” said Assemblymember Jose Medina. “The scale of this loss, particularly in Black and Brown communities, is unprecedented. The tens of millions of people marked by COVID are simultaneously fighting a pandemic and managing grief. Declaring a COVID Memorial Day through ACR 30, it is a first step in healing as a state and reflecting on how we continue to work together to combat COVID-19 and prevent the further loss of life. I’m proud to join members of congress, state legislators, mayors, and council members from across the country and make the First Monday of March COVID-19 Memorial Day.”

“Physicians and nurses were some of the earliest and hardest hit populations to suffer the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. They were tasked with being in the rooms and caring for people with the highly contagious disease. Some, tragically lost their lives in their mission to help and protect others. AB 1113 will help provide tuition fee waivers for surviving children and spouses and ease the effects of losing a loved one.”

ACR 30 passed with Assembly Floor with unanimous support, and AB 1113 awaits referral by the Assembly Rules Committee to its first policy committee for hearing in the Assembly.


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