Medina Bill to Expand Baccalaureate Degrees at Community Colleges Passes Higher Education Committee

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO— Assemblymember Jose Medina’s (D-Riverside) bill AB 927, which would extend and expand the successful baccalaureate degree pilot program at the California Community Colleges, passed the Assembly Higher Education Committee.

AB 927 will make permanent the statewide baccalaureate degree pilot program created by SB 850 in 2015; allowing for the creation of degree programs that do not exist at the California State University and proven, unmet workforce needs will be able to participate.  
“Community colleges are the founding pillars of higher education; offering critical baccalaureate degree programs will create greater accessibility to higher education,” said Assemblymember Jose Medina. “The baccalaureate degree program will play a pivotal role in building back our State’s economy.”

The author of SB 850, former Senator Marty Block, noted that “Chair Jose Medina has long been a driving force for progressive change in California’s colleges and universities.  His bill, AB 927, will expand the opportunity for baccalaureate-level education to tens of thousands of students throughout California. California’s veterans will benefit, California’s businesses will benefit, and California’s families will gain new tools to enhance their standard of living and quality of life.”

Former Senator Jerry Hill has also championed this issue and worked on extending the baccalaureate degree pilot program: “While in the State Legislature, I saw the baccalaureate degree pilot program as one of the primary avenues to address the skills gap across the State. AB 927 will expand pathways for students entering California's diversifying workforce and build upon the mission of the California Community Colleges.”

AB 927 will next be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.


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