Governor Newsom Signs Medina Bill to Strengthen California’s Technology Laws

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO— Governor Gavin Newsom signed another critical bill by Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), Assembly Bill 484. AB 484 updates and clarifies California’s laws for today’s technology and media environment.

Currently, the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services within the Department of Consumer Affairs regulates alarm company operators. Existing law requires licensed alarm companies, on every advertisement, to disclose their company name and license number. This list includes radio ads, TV ads, print ads, website ads, and billboards.  This statute, created before the Internet, was an effort to capture all possible ways that an alarm company can advertise by mandating “every advertisement.” However, alarm companies, typically have some form of website where the license number can be displayed and written down if needed.

This bill brings California code into the 21st century by reforming regulations on alarm company advertising for the first time in decades. For alarm companies that operate a website, this bill requires any radio or billboard ad to direct customers to easy-to-find “license information” page.

“I thank the Governor for signing AB 484. It is crucial that communications, specifically with licensing, are modernized. Consumers are now able to view licensing information in a transparent manner, and alarm companies can do business in a modernized, 21st century world.”


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