Authors of the Cal Grant Reform Act Respond to Governor’s Decision

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO— Governor Gavin Newsom signed three significant and timely bills by Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), Assembly Bills 275, 927, and 1113. Having received bipartisan support, these three pieces of legislation create equity at California’s public colleges and universities by expanding the rights of employees and accessibility to students.

Supported by numerous labor rights organizations, AB 275 will strengthen the rights of community college employees by providing them with the security of permanent positions. The bill does so by establishing parity among community college classified employees.

Moreover, AB 927 will critically expand and make permanent California’s successful baccalaureate degree program at the community colleges. Originally championed by former Senators Marty Block and Jerry Hill, AB 927 codifies the existing programs and enables other community colleges to offer baccalaureate programs that train students to pursue technical fields---diversifying California’s economy and filling the skills gap.

Finally, AB 1113 further expands access to the family members of essential workers who have died from COVID-19. AB 1113 acknowledges the significant sacrifices that these families have made by waiving fees and tuition for surviving spouses and children attending colleges within the UC, CSU, and Hastings College of Law systems.

“The significance of these bills being signed into law should not be underestimated,” said Assemblymember Jose Medina. “By creating job stability for community college employees, expanding baccalaureate degrees, and providing financial assistance amidst the pandemic, we are closer to making our systems of higher education more diverse, more accessible, and more just. I thank the Legislature and the Governor for taking this historic step.”



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