Key Education Chairs Push for Debt Free College in 2022

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTOAssemblymembers Jose Medina (D-Riverside), Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, and Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento), Chair of Assembly Budget Subcommittee 2 on Education Finance, and Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino), Chair of the Senate Education Committee, introduced AB 1746, the Cal Grant Reform Act of 2022.

Following the significant budget investments in state financial aid and previous attempts to pass comprehensive legislation to reform Cal Grant, the three authors shared their commitment to making debt free college a reality:

“The unanimous support of the legislature for AB 1456 and last year’s historical expansion of Cal Grants to community college students proves that now is the time to fully reform our state financial aid. I am grateful for the groundswell of support from business leaders, educators, students, and others and look forward to working with the Administration this session.” –Assemblymember Jose Medina

“Modernizing our college financial aid system will allow more California students to pursue a higher education AND graduate without being overburdened with student debt. Our Cal Grant and Middle Class scholarship programs are helpful, but don’t cover the actual cost of college attendance. Our legislation will help our California economy and allow college students to graduate debt free.” --Assemblymember Kevin McCarty

“As the Chair of the Senate Education Committee, I am honored to be part of this effort to truly reform financial aid and to help ensure that students’ basic needs are met. I look forward to continue working with the Governor, my legislative colleagues, students and our postsecondary institutions so we can ensure access and affordability for our neediest students.” --Senator Connie Leyva

AB 1746 will modernize the largest state financial aid system in the nation, Cal Grant, and truly address the financial challenges students face. Specifically, this legislation will remove hurdles to adult learners such as GPA and expand access to over 100,000 new students. Unlike previous legislation, AB 1746 will match income eligibility to Pell Grant eligibility, therefore opening access to underrepresented and underserved Californians.

This bill is proudly sponsored by the California Student Aid Commission and students of the Fix Financial Aid Coalition.


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