Medina Introduces Final Legislative Package

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  • Julianne Cravotto
  • (916) 319-2061

SACRAMENTO— With the bill introduction deadline behind him, Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), has introduced 15 pieces of legislation, 3 Assembly resolutions and is continuing to push 2 bills from last year, totaling 20 items for the 2022 session. In his last year in the legislature, Medina is tackling some of California’s most pressing issues, such as small business recovery, climate change, the housing crisis, the teacher shortage, justice for survivors of sexual misconduct, and debt free college. The comprehensive and extensive list of bills introduced this year includes the following:

  • AB 1625 establishes equal representation for students on the CSU Board of Trustees.


  • AB 1652 prohibits charter school employees from unfairly serving on a county board of education.


  • AB 1691 makes permanent the Classified School Employees Summer Assistance Program, ensuring a dollar-for-dollar match for funding.


  • AB 1701 increase student enrollment in bilingual authorization programs through the recruitment and retention of full-time faculty in bilingual authorization programs.


  • AB 1712 develops awareness and assesses campus climate for targeted university students.


  • AB 1727 gives small businesses a fair shot at Public Works Contracts by reducing fees.


  • AB 1746 creates debt free college through the Cal Grant Reform Act.


  • AB 1764 enacts the Student Housing Needs Assessment and Streamlining Act.


  • AB 1813 promotes the safety of athletes and ensures qualified officials presides over those matches.


  • AB 1844 fixes loopholes in Title IX and strengthens the reporting of sexual misconduct.


  • AB 1856 enables part-time faculty at community college to fairly access needed health benefits.  


  • AB 2046 directs nearly $1.4 billion to increasing enrollment, tackling climate change, and training healthcare workers at UC Riverside and UC Merced.    


  • AB 2235 allows more educators to prepare for and teach ethnic studies.


  • AB 2341 ensures that all California students receive federal financial aid.  


  • AB 2820 eliminates Calbright and redirects nearly $170 million to student parents, student housing, and financial aid.