Medina and Legislative Caucus Honor Riverside Local

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  • Julianne Cravotto
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SACRAMENTO— The Latino Legislative Caucus honored 61st Assembly District native, Jenna Contreras, for her achievements in journalism and media at the 2022 Latino Spirit Awards.

Jenna Contreras is an award-winning filmmaker who believes storytelling is more than just capturing an audience. Ms. Contreras strives to create engaging, meaningful content that adds value to our society. Using the platform of ESPN and its multiple outlets, she has illuminated important issues that traditional media often overlooks. With millions of views, her powerful storytelling is a beacon for critical issues such as social justice, equality and suicide prevention. Since starting at ESPN in 2012, numerous other projects have decorated Ms. Contreras’ career. As a director and producer, she is a one-time Emmy award-winner, four-time Emmy nominee, and a two-time New York Festivals Silver Medal recipient. She credits her success to the subjects who are willing to share their stories and a passion to make content that matters.

“Jenna is an industry trailblazer that exemplifies the best of Latinas in California,” said Assemblymember Jose Medina. Through her work, Jenna has been able to highlight some of our times most pressing issues. I am proud to have taught Jenna at Riverside Poly High School and nominated her for this award.”

Presented by the California Latino Legislative Caucus, the annual Latino Spirit Awards celebrate and honor the accomplishments of Latinos across California from various industries.