Governor Signs Medina Bill to Authorize Use of Best Value Procurement Methodology by Public Institutions

Monday, September 24, 2018

SACRAMENTO— Assemblymember Jose Medina (D-Riverside), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education, announced that his bill, AB 3186, permanently authorizes the University of California (UC) and California Community Colleges (CCC) to use best value procurement methodology, was signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown.

Best value procurement methodology allows CCC and UC to consider non-cost factors, such as quality and experience, when selecting vendors, rather than having to select vendors solely based on the lowest bid. UC estimates that use of best value procurement would save the institution $3 million annually.

Current law authorizes the CCC and the UC to use best value procurement methodology on a pilot basis for five years. AB 3186 removes the sunset date to permanently authorize the use of this practice by these institutions.

“AB 3186 is common sense legislation that helps ensure that our public institutions maximize their return on investment,” said Assemblymember Jose Medina. “I want to thank the Governor for recognizing that best value procurement is a valuable model that helps ensure the fiscal prudence of our public colleges and universities.”