State Agency Assistance (Casework)

My office can be of assistance when dealing with state agencies, through the process of casework. My staff works closely with state agencies to help you cut through "red tape" and help you obtain the services or benefits you have been requesting.

State Agencies include but are not limited to:

• Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
• Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
• Unemployment and Disability Insurance (EDD)
• Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
• Professional Conduct or Licensing Complaints 

Visit the State Agency Search for a full list of agencies.

My staff is ready to assist you, to begin fill out our online contact form or call the district office at 951-369-6644.

If you live outside the 61st Assembly District, your State Assemblymember/Senator can provide the same assistance as my office. Find your State Representative.