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2023 Legislation

AB 1 - Collective bargaining: Legislature. FACT SHEET

AB 245 - High school athletics: California High School Coaching Education and Training Program. FACT SHEET

AB 709 - Transcripts: criminal proceedings: exculpatory evidence. FACT SHEET

AB 929 - Alcoholic beverage licenses: off-sale privileges: airports. FACT SHEET

AB 937 - Dependency: family reunification services. FACT SHEET

AB 974 - Incarcerated persons: certified record of live birth. FACT SHEET

AB 1006 - Aging and Disability Resource Connection program. FACT SHEET

AB 1028 - Reporting of crimes: mandated reporters. FACT SHEET

AB 1112 - Foster youth. FACT SHEET

AB 1151- Community colleges: use of property for athletic activities: insurance. FACT SHEET

AB 1177- Parole: hearing records. FACT SHEET

AB 1276 - Emergency response services: "911" call and dispatch data. FACT SHEET

AB 1310 - Sentencing: recall and resentencing. FACT SHEET

AB 1418 - Tenancy: local regulations: contact with law enforcement or criminal convictions. FACT SHEET

AB 1547 - Childhood sexual assault: statute of limitations. FACT SHEET

AB 1628 - Microfiber filtration. FACT SHEET

AB 1677 - Public employment: salary classification. FACT SHEET

AB 1705 - Solid waste facilities: health protection zones. FACT SHEET