Standing Committees

Chair, Higher Education

Committee Jurisdiction: Primary jurisdictions are university, state university, and community college systems, postsecondary education, and student financial aid.

Accountability and Administrative Review

Committee Jurisdiction: Primary jurisdictions are identifying savings and efficiencies in the management of state government, reviewing and studying the implementation, operation, and effectiveness of state programs and agencies.

Business and Professions

Committee Jurisdiction:

"Sunrise," the creation of new regulatory entities within the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)

"Sunset," the oversight and elimination of regulatory entities within the DCA

Health care professional licensing

Veterinarian licensing

Occupational licensing

Vocational education

The Department of General Services (building standards)

Product labeling (except agricultural and medical product labeling)


Committee Jurisdiction: The Budget Committee’s jurisdiction is the Budget.


Committee Jurisdiction: Primary jurisdictions are Transit Authority, California Highway Patrol, vehicles, aircraft, and vessels; operation, licensing and registration, and drivers licenses.


Budget Subcommittee No. 2 on Education Finance

Select Committees

Chair, California-Mexico Bi-National Affairs

Campus Climate

Environmental Quality and the Green Economy in the Inland Empire

Master Plan for Higher Education in California

Select Committees

Intellectual and Development Disabilities

Joint Committees


Recognizing that the Arts contribute significantly to the quality of life in California; play an important role in the identity, innovation and economy of this state; and citing the dramatic decline in arts education programs in the state’s public schools, the Joint Committee on the Arts was formed in 1984.

Core areas that the Committee is authorized and directed to study, investigate and analyze include:

  • Goals appropriate to the future of the arts and cultural life of California and the role the Legislature and state government should play in achievement of these goals;
  • Arts legislation in other states and at the federal level and recommendations for legislation in this state;  
  • The status of arts education in California;
  • The economic impact of the Arts in California; and
  • The budget and programs of the California Arts Council.